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Maintaining the highest culinary standards, Villandry uses only the freshest seasonal produce for our catering, serving restaurant quality food to go. Villandry Prestige is able to meet all your catering needs. We supply everything from a gourmet sandwich lunch for 10, to a cocktail and canapé party for 100. Whether traditional or contemporary, our team will make sure that your menu is ideally suited to your needs. Freshly prepared in our own kitchens, and baked in our own bakery, all our chefs are passionate about what they do.


For all canapé, buffet and dinner party needs please contact us directly on 020 7631 3131 to discuss or email us at greatportlandstreet@villandry.com.


For catering enquiries for our store in Bicester, please contact us directly on 01869 355 070 or email us at bicester@villandry.com


Petit dejeuner

A selection of delicious pastries and breakfast items from our in house bakery.


Item Cost (£) Quantity
Pure Butter Croissant 1.80
Mini Butter Croissant 1.00
Pain Au Chocolat 2.00
Mini Pain Au Chocolat 1.00
Raisin Danish 2.00
Almond Croissant 2.50
Brioche Roll 1.60
Blueberry Muffin 1.80
Mini Blueberry Muffin 0.80
Organic Granola & Yoghurt 3.00
Fruit Mini Skewers 1.00
Seasonal Fruit Salad 3.00
Villandry Berry and Grape platter 35.00

Savoury Breakfast Item

Item Cost (£) Quantity
Ham & Cheese Baguette 4.25
Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Brioche 3.85

Plateau Garnis

Sharing Platters serves 4 -6 people

Item Cost (£) Quantity
Charcuterie Platter with bread 35.00
Vegetarian Mediteranean Mezze 29.00
Villandry MIxed Platter (Charcuterie & Veg) 35.00
Salmon Platter 38.00
Artisan Cheese platter with bread 30.00
Villandry Berry & Grape Platter 35.00
Mini Tart Selection (20 Pieces) 38.00
Villandry Bread Platter - selection of bread 10.00

Sandwich Platters

All sandwich platters serve 4-6 people.

Item Cost (£) Quantity
Chicken, beef and ham assortment 22.00
Fish and seafood selection 22.00
Vegetarian selection 22.00
Prestige Mixed Platter 22.00

Crisps and nuts

Item Cost (£) Quantity
Kettle Crisps salted 40 grs 0.85
Kettle Crisps salt & vinegar 0.85
Kettle Crisps black pepper 40g 0.85
Finest Marcona Almonds 3.90


Item Cost (£) Quantity
Quiche Lorraine (Ham & Cheese) Whole - 8 Slices 25.00
Quiche Lorraine (Ham & Cheese) Slice 3.60
Leek Quiche Whole 8 Slices 25.00
Leek Quiche Slice 3.60
Spinach & Cheese Mini Roll (x6) 4.00

Salads (Serves 4)

Salads serve 4 people

Item Cost (£) Quantity
Mixed Salad 18.00
New Potato with Spring Onion & Green Herb Mayo 18.00
Rocket & Parmesan 18.00
Green Bean, Pea, Asparagus, Kidney Bean with French Vinaigrette 25.00
Pasta, Fresh Pesto & Roasted Vegetables 25.00
Grilled Chicken Breast, Gem Lettuce, Broad Beans, Mange Tout, Seeds & Yoghurt Dressing 29.00
Tomato, Buffalo Mozzarella & Fresh basil 29.00
Salad Nicoise with Benito Del Norte White Tuna 29.00


Popular Extra's that can be served with our salads

Item Cost (£) Quantity
Grilled Chicken Breast 2.75
Grilled Salmon Fillet 2.75
Mozzarella 2.75


Item Cost (£) Quantity
Brownie (ind) 2.50
Carrot Cake Slice 3.00
Carrot Cake 12 portions 30.00
Moist Chocolate Cake Slice 3.50
Moist Chocolate Cake - 12 portions 34.00
Lemon & Polenta Cale - slice 3.00
Lemon & Polenta Cake - 12 portions 30.00
Summer Fruit Sponge Slice 3.00
Summer Fruit Sponge Cake - 12 slices 30.00
Scones with Jam & Cream - each 3.00

Soft Drinks & Juices

Item Cost (£) Quantity
Coca Cola Can 1.00
Diet Coca Cola Can 1.00
Large Still Water 75cl 2.80
Still Water 50cl 1.50
Large Sprakling Water 75cl 2.80
Sparkling Water 50cl 1.50
Chegworth valley Apple Juice 25cl 1.95
Freshly Squeezed OJ 12oz 3.00
Chegworth Apple & Rhubarb 1.95
Fentimans Lemonade 2.20
Luscombe Cranberry 2.20
Luscombe Ginger Beer 2.20
Luscombe Ginger & Apple 2.20
Luscombe Raspberry Lemonade 2.20
Luscombe Pear & Apple 2.20

Alcoholic Beverage

Item Cost (£) Quantity
La Jara Prosecco Frizzante 12.20
Champagne Frerejean Frere 29.00
Horelous Sauvignon & Gros Manseng 9.00
Cape Point Sauvignon Blanc 13.00
Chateau Condamine - Bertrand Tendem Merlot / Syrah 9.50
Pinot Noir, Soli 10.50
Kronenbourg 275ml 2.35
San Miguel 330ml 2.35
Meantime Pale Ale 330ml 2.35
Meantime Wheatbeer 330ml 2.35



Please note that while we make every effort to supply your canapés as ordered, some ingredients may become unavailable at the time of cooking. In this case similar food items will be included instead. A minimum order of 8 individual canapes and a minimum order of 25 canapés is required


Item Cost (£) Quantity
Crostini of spiced aubergine caponata & olives 2.20
Chicory boats with Roquefort & walnuts 2.80
Mini onion tarte tatin 2.20
Beetroot muffin cup with a cucumber, dill & sour cream 2.20
Roast vegetable & goats cheese tartlet 2.20
Mini Falafel & spiced yoghurt 2.20
Crispy mozarella & pesto 2.20
Verrine aux cruidtes 2.20
6 mini soinanch & cheese rolls 4.00


Item Cost (£) Quantity
Smoked salmon blini with creme fraiche 2.80
King Prawn skewer with spicy salsa 2.80
|Mini crab tartlets 2.80
Salmon tartare on crostini 2.80


Item Cost (£) Quantity
Confit Duck with Cucumber and Caramelised Onion Tartets 2.20
Roast Beef Mini Rolls with Horseradish & Watercress 2.80
Saffron, lemon & olive flavoured chicken skewer 2.20


These canapes are designed to be served hot and will need reheating to be at optimum.

Item Cost (£) Quantity
Mini Cumberland sausages with mustard 2.20
Mini hamburgers, cheese & tomota salsa 2.80
Rump of lamb with a basil, pine nut & breadcrumb crust 2.80
Vegetarian mini pizza 2.20


Item Cost (£) Quantity
Mini Lemon Tart 2.20
Baby Pavlova 2.20
Mini Chocolate Brownies 2.20
Mini Mixed Berry Tart 2.20
Mini strawberry tart 2.20
Mini raspberry tart 2.20
Mini salted caramel tart 2.20



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